Only Organic from Zero Waste

All products are strictly organic, even the building is eco-friendly and uses only recyclable materials for sale, drinks and take-away. All the furnishing components are natural: jute curtains, wooden furniture, marble bar counter ... elements that perfectly match the philosophy natural of "Zero Waste".

In Bologna there is the restaurant e organic shop certified to "Zero Waste ". The brand Zero waste was released by Last Minute Market, a company founded by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna. The public exercise is called “Alce Nero Food Kitchen Coffee Bio”And is located in via Petroni 9 / b. Commercial operation represents a new formula for healthy eating and an organic lifestyle.

It offers menus for breakfasts, brunches, aperitifs and lunches. In addition to on-site meals and take-away meals, Alce Nero Caffè Bio can also boast Organic products to be sold to the public, the venue also adheres to a system of redistribution of the production surplus, so as to recover non-marketed goods; in other words, the unsold goods will be donated to the canteen of Santa Cecilia of the Church of San Giacomo Maggiore.

Among the noble causes of Alce Nero Food Kitchen Coffee Bio, there is that of the urban redevelopment of the neighborhood and a partnership with the city of Bologna to contribute to separate waste collection. To promote a natural lifestyle, the restaurant of Zero waste has reduced the use of disposable products to a minimum. It looks like a corner of the world where the biological it is not a choice but a standard: all products are organic and there are too vegetarian menus. The classic shopping trolleys have been supplanted by trolleys made with recycled plastic and in the shop there is no shortage of products for celiacs.

Video: Zero Waste Coffee Corner (January 2022).