Electric in Bologna, incentives for everyone

Electric in Bologna, incentives for everyone

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Bologna is painted green with incentives for cyclomots and electric bikes. Since last autumn the city of Bologna has decided to contribute economically to the purchase of an ecological vehicle, in this case, pedal assisted bicycles and electric cyclomots. Bologna thus becomes an example of ecological virtuosity.

There electric bicycle it works thanks to the joint action of the cyclist and the zero-emission engine. It does not require fuel, it is equipped with a battery that can be easily recharged via a domestic electrical outlet and can be filled up in a few hours. The situation changes for the moped, in this case it is a real scooter that on average, with one euro of electricity, allows you to travel 120 kilometers. Secure a electric moped it costs half the price and there are also big discounts on road tax.

The incentives for such electric vehicles they vary from 300 euros up to 600 euros if you scrap an old vehicle at zero euros. L'incentive it is aimed at all Bolognese residents, regardless of ISEE income. Just attach to the request form, the purchase invoice of a electric vehicle (bike or moped) and any certificate of destruction. In a short time, the municipality of Bologna will accredit theincentive directly to your bank account.

It is precisely on the occasion of the incentives on the purchase of a electric vehicle as a moped or pedal assisted bicycle that on February 17, in Bologna was presented theECO2 Scooter (pictured above). Classic in displacement with 50 km / h but special in technology because it can sport a electric motor which guarantees an autonomy of 60 kilometers and for 5 years, the ECO2 scooter it will be exempt from stamp duty and the insurance will cost half.

L'ECO2 Scooter, thanks to the incentives, it will cost € 1,397, moreover, being a electric scooter will be able to cut the expensive gasoline, in fact with 75 euro cents, you can travel 100 kilometers! The electric scooter, as well as pedal assisted bicycles and electric cars are exempt from the limitations imposed by limited traffic areas. Can the model presented in Bologna be recharged at home or at any electric columns, what is needed? a simple 220V socket. The charging time is estimated between 3 and 5 hours.

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