Farms against large-scale distribution

The Monti government has developed the package on liberalization, which closely concerns the agricultural world is Article 62 which will bring a breath of fresh air to farms: always if the article is approved! Large-scale distribution (large-scale distribution) is putting pressure on parliament and the small and medium-sized ones are paying the consequences farms and consumers.

If the agricultural sector demonstrates against the IMU, the scenario changes as regards the liberalization package envisaged by the maneuver of the Monti government: finally there will be common sense rules to protect farmers. Until now, the bargaining between agricultural producers and distribution giants was completely atypical. Farmers were not protected by any written contract but only by verbal agreements that the distributor could change at any time.

In practical terms, the distributor - the intermediary between producer and consumer - could make agreements on quantities and prices, but then retract at the time of payment because sales had not reached the expected levels. In addition, the distributor could claim a "shelf fee", which is a payment for giving those products a more prominent position in the department.

As is clear, until today, the farmers they had no protection and suffered greatly from the effect of multinationals and the consequent volatility of prices. Furthermore, the payment was also not on time. The payment times, according to a survey by the company Cparmi D&G, those who accumulate the greatest delays in payments are precisely the exponents of large-scale distribution. The time span from delivery to payment often exceeds 90 days and in some cases even 120 days. This means that thefarmer deliver today what the supermarket sells in a short time but earns with a deferred payment of up to four months.

The decree on liberalization, with its article 62 sets the deadline for the payment of perishable food products at 30 days and at 60 days for other goods. There is a requirement for a written contract between seller and buyer in order to avoid nasty surprises such as sales with the drop in prices and the aforementioned shelf commission.

Unfortunately, things are not very simple because large-scale distribution - large organized distribution - has firmly opposed it, asking to retract or even abolish Article 62 of the liberalization package of Monti government. This is how the agricultural sector is at a standstill and parliament is expected to act to protect the rights of producers.

Mario Catania, minister of agricultural policies declares that the position of the parliament is still uncertain because large retailers are putting strong pressure so that Article 62 does not enter into force. Yet Article 62 of liberalization package of the Monti Government does not establish anything unacceptable, basically when we go shopping we see the price displayed and at the checkout no customer expects to pay less and above all, when we buy something we pay the goods immediately, so 60 and 90 days to the payment are more than acceptable.

edited by Anna De Simone

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