Life, created for Expo 2015

Life, created for Expo 2015

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Expo 2015, his motto is “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life", There are many hyper-technological projects planned forinternational exhibition in Milan but some solutions are wonderfully simple. One of these is "Life", an object that fits perfectly with the motto of Milan Expo 2015.

The Milan Expo 2015 it is not made up only of large projects like the innovations proposed by the Cisco company. The Milan Expo 2015 it is also made up of simple things but which have all the potential to bring a large number of benefits to the entire planet.

Many of us took part in the GE Oil & Gas International Exhibition. During a tour organized by the company, myself and other lucky ones, we got to see how high technology in the energy sector could be molded from a block of steel. Definitely an exciting experience. L'GE Oil & Gas Expo it saw large meetings, conferences, mega banquets and associated services that did not lack water and other drinks.

At the GE Oil & Gas Expo, as in many other world events, water and drinks are served through the use of "Goods of humanity" like the classic disposable plastic cups. It is a paradox when glasses and plastic bottles are seen around during pro-environment events. Thus, the designer Andrea Ponti has cleverly found an extremely simple solution to counter this situation.

Andrea Ponti is a young Italian industrial designer, born in Cagliari. He designed “Life” as an integral part of the water service for Milan Expo 2015. Life it is a container for public water. It is recyclable and is made of recycled paper. The container will be distributed empty during the event of Milan Expo 2015. The visitor of the Milan Expo 2015 you can go to one of the water access points to be able to refuel your particular "bottle".

Life is a concrete example of how industrial design can change things: companies can produce more and more sustainable objects, with practical, economical and ecological materials. The product designed by Andrea Ponti and made for Milan Expo 2015, is made up of several layers of recycled paper bonded with a "double stitching"So as to ensure its isolation.

Life is a product intended to promote the reduction of plastic containers and to entice users and companies to race towards more sustainable objects. The object designed by Andrea Ponti it does not use ink or chemical adhesive. It is equipped with a green cord that gives it a particularly attractive but also functional look: the cord allows you to carry the object on your shoulder, as if it were a bag.

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