Coffee without borders for Expo 2015

Coffee without borders for Expo 2015

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Could coffee eliminate borders and reinforce concepts of equality? A sea of ​​coffee is about to invade Italy and in particular the city of Milan with theExpo 2015. If you are wondering what coffee has to do with equality and the issues of Milan Expo 2015, you just have to read the following.

On the occasion ofExpo 2015, world coffee producers will come together to show, exchange and market their coffee, creating a global alliance with no geographic belonging. It seems that coffee will have to cut the boundaries between the different ethnic groups of the globe.

L'Expo 2015 will be held from May 1st to October 31st, the title "Feeding the planet, energies for life"Will characterize each pavilion of the event. L'Expo 2015 aims to stimulate new ideas to better address the challenges related to food production, security and exploitation of resources. L'Milan Expo will host hundreds of countries around the globe and among these there will be coffee producers.

The main coffee producers of the World have already met in Rome where delegates from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda, Colombia, Vietnam and Indonesia, have discussed how to set up their space at theExpo 2015. The approach used for the Milan Expo 2015 it will give equal dignity to all participating countries, despite their political differences and economic divergences.

With past editions ofExpo, countries that were unable to participate by winning an entire pavilion were bound into a common space. Thus, in the past there were the common pavilions grouped geographically: the Asian pavilion, the African pavilion and so on. The world has changed today and theExpo 2015 brings a revolution in this direction. The provision will no longer be divided into geographical areas but by themes and thus, the coffee reunit "under one roof“, Numerous nations of the world who will find themselves sharing a common space.

This approach will also be more practical for the visitor who will be able to compare the different realities in a single view. In the case of coffee producers, the visitor will be able to learn about the different coffee production techniques by comparing them immediately.

Tom Buringuriza, commissioner general of the Uganda section stated that this "it is a new way to break down some barriers that have been present for too long "; like Uganda, the other participating countries are full of enthusiasm. In Africa it is really difficult to talk about unified nations. Communities such as ECOWAS and SADC have been fighting for years to break certain borders and bring Africa closer to a model that emulates large federations and groups such as the United States and the European Union.

Unfortunately, geographical boundaries are too deeply rooted in peoples. Commissioner Tom Buringuriza underlines the importance of the approach: Uganda, Guatemala and other nations will sit at the same table to represent coffee, and it is so important. All countries coffee producers they can give the product greater value and improve exports, find ways to establish cooperation because today more than ever it is necessary to be part of a large family in order to face the global crisis together. The Milan Expo 2015 it will lay the foundations for doing so.

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