Ecological cars, online sales

Ecological cars, online sales

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eBay, the bazaar of big figures, the most famous on the web, has decided to dedicate a section to ecological cars. Today, those who want to drive a car powered by a fuel other than diesel or petrol, are spoiled for choice: they were born eBay Green Driving

eBay was born in 1995 and hasn't stopped growing since then. It manages to adapt to trends in an amazing way and this time it is dedicated to ecological cars a "Baiai " ad hoc. In the section Green Driving you can find electric cars - powered exclusively by electric motors -, hybrids - with dual fuel, electric-diesel, electric-petrol… .-, LPG cars and methane cars.

In the section green Driving a Diesel area is also available, although this is by no means a green fuel, eBay has decided to give it a space where only those models of diesel which have stood out for their effectiveness in performance and yield. The cult of the sustainable mobility, from the Toyota Prius to the Tesla Roadster that we will soon see on Italian roads. Certainly there is no lack of Ford with the CNG Fiesta but that will soon also arrive with the Fiesta EV and the Ford Focus Electric which is about to debut on the Italian market.

Cost of Gas and eBay Survey. The Italy-USA confrontation is scandalous.
It is curious to see the survey launched by ebay Green Driving on gasoline costs. The survey asks users how much, in their personal opinion, a gallon of petrol will cost in 2015. The answer options for us Italians are absurd! A gallon is equivalent to about 3.8 liters and the starting price is less than 3 dollars, equivalent, according to the current exchange rate, to € 2.27, when for us Italians a gallon costs just under 8 euros, 10, 56 dollars.

As often happens, we Italians have to wait: apparently our car market is not yet ready for green driving. The wait is not that far away and soon it will be possible to approach the Green Driving eBay also on the Italian mega bazaar.

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