The heart rate monitor in the days of social media

The heart rate monitor in the days of social media

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Is called Beuer by Runtastic the heart rate monitor accompanying physical activity in the era of smartphones and of social media. A device that not only allows you to monitor your athletic performance through the mobile phone display, which can be carried in your pocket or armband supplied, but also to share them with friends near and far, also equipped with Runtastic.

With the concept of Facebook, the social heart rate monitor enables the activation of contacts and a community during physical activity, thus allowing you to compare a series of parameters such as speed, time and calories burned in real time with friends; including, if desired, the heart rhythm.

Perfect for i runner, Runtastic can be a good companion for athletes in a variety of physical activities, including swimming when connected to a water-resistant smartphone such as Panasonic's latest ELUGA. The function inciting vocal, one of the most delicious gadgets, allows you to feel close in the most challenging moments even if you are in two different parts of the world.

Beuer by Runtasticis compatible with the operating systems of all smartphones on the market and using it is quick and easy: just download the app and enter the license code, connect the receiver to the smartphone, activate it from the settings menu and insert the earphones. At this point all that remains is to wear the chest belt (let's not forget that we are talking about a heart rate monitor) and start physical activity.

What about privacy? An optional, like on social media. Runtastic serves for share everything with friends of your community, even the heartbeat. The alternative is to disable the social app function and use the traditional functions of the heart rate monitor, complete and precise, through the display of your smartphone.

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