In Naples, the first Electric Flah Mob

In Naples, the first Electric Flah Mob

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The Naples stage of the seventh edition of the MobilityTech, edition that opened with theEnergy Night by Renault. Thousands of colored lights illuminated Piazza Vittoria to bring the first to life flash mob electric. An event dedicated to electric cars where energy can only be positive!

A breathtaking setting, Piazza Vittoria, a few steps from the sea of Mergellina, here many citizens participated in the initiative by reproducing plays of light thanks to the presence of luminescent and suggestive objects. The protagonists of the evening were 10 Renault Twizy. There Twizy is the revolutionary electric car which is proposed as a new solution for urban mobility.


"With the Energy Night - commented Francesco Fontana Giusti, Communication Director of Renault Italy - Renault wanted to create an event in which people, and especially young people, could share that energy which is the true essence of electric carand: the energy of innovation, the energy of collaboration in building together a more sustainable and more modern mobility. The success of this initiative is an example of how communication can break the cultural barriers around electric mobility by transmitting enthusiasm, passion and the conviction of being protagonists of change. "

L'Energy Night with the first electric flash mob, it was the opening event of MobilityTech, international forum on technological innovation of mobility. To accompany the MobilityTech was the constant presence of Renault with some examples of its range a zero emissions.


The Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris could not miss the event, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor Tommaso Sodano and the Councilor for Mobility Anna Donati. To the three exponents of the city of Naples, Renault has decided to deliver three Twizy that will be used, for a few months, in the chaotic traffic of Naples. The Twizy have been handed over to support awareness campaigns for electric mobility and sustainable development.

Naples is a city that wants to grow and the first step is made with the sustainable mobility. Solving traffic and smog problems would be a great goal for the city of Naples. In this regard, the entire historic center will soon become Limited traffic zone.


With the introduction of the ZTL, the need will be felt even more to be able to propose a system of public transport highly efficient. The commitment of the junta is not only seen through the awareness campaigns to sustainable mobility or with the new ZTL plan, but also through initiatives that allow citizens to save fuel.

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