Smart Electric Drive

Smart Electric Drive

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Smart ForTwo becomes electric with the Smart Electric Drive version, available from September! There Smart fortwo it will bring with it a series of changes ranging from aesthetics to the introduction on the market of an electric model.

Smart ForTwo 2013, aesthetic improvements
The 2013 version of the Smart ForTwo has some aesthetic improvements. It has been slightly redesigned with its new front, with new rear and side bumpers. The version Smart ForTwo 2013 also presents a clear difference in the position of the logo, the brand Smartin fact, in the front it is placed lower, just above the bumper, right in the center of the grille. To support the aesthetic improvements of the more conventional models Smart ForTwo 2013, the robe will arrive Smart electric.


Smart Electric Drive will place on the market between September and October of this 2012, the aesthetic features are the same as the 2013 Smart forTwo version Electric smart wants to be the cheapest battery-powered car on the market. The proposals are tempting, especially when considering state incentives. Let's see the prices offered by Smart:

-19.900 euros, Electric smart including battery
-15.900 euros, Electric smart with rental battery

Battery rental provides the user with some guarantees but obliges him to pay a monthly fee of 54 euros. Not bad for a reduction of 4,000 euros! Without forgetting the state incentives that amount to a reduction of 5,000 euros on the purchase of aelectric car in 2013.

Smart Electric Drive
The engine is 54 kW (73 horsepower) Bosch, the maximum speed allowed is 120 km / h and the observed acceleration allows you to go from 0 to 60 km / h in 5 seconds. To reach 100 km / h from a standstill, it will take 13 seconds. Being a electric city car the range of 140 km seems to be adequate.


A complete charging cycle takes 8 hours and 3.5 hours to go from 20 to 80 percent charging. When buying a Smart, among the options you can think of choosing the Wallbox, the fast charging socket that allows you to fill up with energy in just one hour. As the name implies, the Wallbox is a small, space-saving wall charger that can be easily installed in your garage.

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