How to report a building abuse in Naples

How to report a building abuse in Naples

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L'Building abuse has undoubtedly caused serious damage to the territory, the environment, civil coexistence and the very concept of legality. The land consumption gives us back a mutilated Italy, less and less available to the policies of sustainability and healthy agriculture.

The data onillegal building the estimates on land use are alarming and much more so. Lawlessness, inefficiency and corruption have contributed to environmental devastation and the birth of "concrete monsters" or similar.

What isBuilding abuse?
These are essentially buildings built in total absence of building permits, generally on areas where planning tools would not allow their release anyway.

Building abuse in Naples
Huge damage has been done in some Neapolitan areas with devastating effects on the environment.

Capri, Ischia and a thousand other places, sometimes full of beauty and history, have been massacred, along with hundreds of kilometers of coastline by this uncivilized phenomenon. A paradigmatic case is that of the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast where the WWF reports have led to the discovery of hundreds of illegal villas which together were transforming the beautiful Neapolitan coast into one illegal subdivision.

How to report a building abuse in Naples
Within the organization of the Municipal Police Corps of Naples, there is an operating unit called Uosa, which specializes in intervention against building abuses.

Reports should be sent to fax 081 7959001 or by sending an email to: [email protected]

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