Ecological panels for furniture

Panels to furnish any ambeinte and make it modern, elegant and bright. The material we are talking about has obtained various certifications, is recycled and can add great style to thefurniture.

Ecoresins, organic and recycled materials and substances a low environmental impactis what 3form, an international leader in the supply of materials, is about environmentally friendly, design and architectural solutions. 3form products contain 40% recycled materials and one of the company's goals is to reuse materials to the greatest extent possible.

Recycled materials come from industrial waste and from products that have finished their life cycle. The recycling it is a process that can be described in three stages:
- collection of recyclable materials (that's why it's so important to differentiate!)
- transformation into new products

In fact, there is another phase that is too often underestimated. It involves the re-purchase of products manufactured using recycled resources. This is the step that closes the cycle and that will give a second life to recycled materials and this is the only step that can help strengthen the market for recyclable materials.

It is with these premises that Chroma was born, a material with multiple uses. It can become a table or any other panel. Chroma is a monolithic containing 40% of recycled materials. It is highly durable, robust, resistant and can satisfy an infinite number of applications both vertical (colonnades, booths ...) and horizontal (tables, roof tiles), this is because it is highly modelable, colorful and renewable. Chroma is perfect for bright environments and is available in a matte or translucent finish with 27,000 color combinations.

Video: Environmental Street Furniture - Flowlens Case Study (January 2022).