Milan Expo 2015 divides Latvia

Milan Expo 2015 divides Latvia

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The Milan Expo 2015 it is a great opportunity for Italian industries but also for international ones. Participation in theExpo 2015 it will be expensive but it is an investment that can, in the worst case, give a lot of prestige to the participating nations. Among the official participants there is the Latvia but a survey found that 48% of economically active Latvian residents do not support the country's participation in the International Exhibition to be held in Milan in 2015.

The survey was conducted by the research company TNS and the LNT television channel Latvia and finds that only 16% of the economically active population want the country to take part in the "Milan international exhibition". The survey was carried out in the second half of June and involved 700 residents between 18 and 55 years old. Let's see the survey data:
19% of Latvian investors are convinced that Latvia should not participate in theExpo 2015
29% do not support Latvia's presence in theExpo 2015 because it was deemed of little use
43% support Latvia's participation in the World Expo 2015 and of this, only 16% strongly desire Latvia's participation in theExpo 2015
9% have no opinion

There Latvia atExpo 2015
Latvia has already officially confirmed its participation in theExpo 2015. During the International Exposition, Latvian scientists will have the opportunity to present their results and new technologies in the food sector. The Latvian pavilion will have as its main theme "Nutrition for a better lifestyle“.

With the'Expo 2015 Latvia will launch a healthy and genuine image, promoting itself as the country where food is produced in a healthy way and above all in a clean environment. The Latvian slogan sounds more or less like this "The Garden of Bees and Life". The slogan was chosen because there are three essential components for the success of humanity: bees, water and human beings. According to provisional estimates, the project will cost € 5.7 million.

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