Eco-sustainable shoes

Eco-sustainable shoes

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Bethlemem Tilahun Alemu, awarded as the best African entrepreneur, is the owner and creator of the successful soleRebels company, an eco-fair trade footwear brand that operates in Addis Adeba, the Ethiopian capital.

Born in 2004 as start-up to create jobs in Zenabwork, one of Addis Ababa's poorest neighborhoods, SoleRebels quickly became an export brand. A company capable today of exporting its products to 30 countries around the world and selling them on a prestigious platform such as


«SoleRebels was born - writes Bethlemem - with a precise idea: to bring work to my community, in Zenabwork, a small village where there was literally nothing. SoleRebels - continues Bethlemem - was born with the desire to offer a better life for my people through the use of the extraordinary local craftsmanship skills. In a business that focuses on sustainability and respect for the environment ».

What is the secret of SoleRebels? The ecological aspect, first of all.

All the materials used are sourced locally and are all sustainable or recycled like the old tires used to make the soles. And here lies a beautiful story that gave the brand its name. SoleRebels refers to the rebels who overthrew the regime of the dictator Menghistu in 1991 and wore slippers made from old tires.

Alla recycled rubber organic cotton, the original Ethiopian jute, the natural fibers and artisan yarns, all hand-worked according to a millenary tradition. There is also the constant commitment of the brand and the founder herself towards workers and their rights: full medical coverage, transport for disabled workers, decent wages and then a fund that supports the education of the families involved.


Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu was awarded in 2011 as an emerging African entrepreneur, while Forbes placed her in the 20 youngest "power women"African. The assortment of shoes is really wide in models and colors: from flip-flops to lace-ups, from the more traditional to the more 'Western' and sporty ones. Look at the 2012 collection, details and prices.

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