Life + and the EU Environment Fund

Life + and the EU Environment Fund

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The funding of 202 new projects was approved under the fund for the Environment of European Union. Life + is the European financial instrument dedicated toenvironment and started in 2007. The latest approved projects concern interventions aimed at a protect nature, improve environmental policies and implement information and communication campaigns on issues environmental. The total investment of the projects is 516.5 million euros, of which 268.4 million will be co-financed with the EU contribution.

Another 76 projects were chosen for Life + Nature and Biodiversity where the approved projects envisage an overall investment of 241.8 million euros, of which 136 million euros will be the contribution of the European community. The other areas of Life + I'm:

Life + Environmental policy and governance, where projects will contribute to the development of innovative strategies, methods, tools e green technologies. The proposals received by the European Commission were 607 and of these, only 113 will be funded in both the public and private sectors. The selected projects represent a total investment of 258.4 million euros, of which 124.4 million will be covered by the EU contribution. The approved projects aim to counter the climate changes and the greenhouse gas emissions.
Life + Information and Communication, projects aimed at disseminating the principles of a healthy environmental policy, promote training and raise awareness on forest fire prevention. In this context, 203 proposals were found at the European Commission and of these only 13 were accepted.

Within Life + they could not miss waste management is water, with 29 and 19 projects respectively.

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