The electric jet ski

Who said that water doesn't go along well with electricity? We have already seen the electric motorboats and here we arrive there too electric watercraft. With this sweltering heat wave it is customary to go to the sea and stop the sweaty sweats of the beach, with dives and exits offshore, but why not move away from the shore aboard a electric watercraft?

It is clear that taking a ride on one of these bikes can be very fun, refreshing and non-polluting! Is called ECO Watercraft and it is the jet skis electric at 100%. Eco Watercraft it can reach a maximum speed of 80km / h and has an autonomy of 3 hours with a full charge.

Built in carbon fiber, this bike with an ecological vocation is able to glide on the water without making any noise, thus avoiding that annoying headache when returning from the bike ride! ECO Watercraft not only does it hover over the sea with performance similar to a traditional jet ski, but it no longer breaks the eardrums of those who would like to relax on the beach.

The price of this is $ 30,000. The cheaper version has a shorter battery life but also a much more affordable price: $ 10,000. In the video the first test of the electric motorcycle which in addition to performance can boast a splendid design.

Video: Nikola WAV Electric JetSki - Nikola Powersports Unveiling (January 2022).