WEEE: important news from Brussels

WEEE: important news from Brussels

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Also the photovoltaic panels included among the WEEE

Important news on the subject WEEE come from the new one Directive 2012/19 / EU of the European Parliament and of Advice on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment published on 24 July 2012 in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The Directive, which will come into force from mid-August, introduces new provisions for the improvement of collection, of the reuse he was born in recycling gods WEEE - some concerning i photovoltaic panels - and sets new ambitious goals for member countries.

“Today another step has been taken to make the system more efficient WEEE recovery and recycling", he has declared Danilo Bonato, General Manager of ReMedia, among the main Italian collective systems no profit for management eco friendly of all types of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), waste of fleece, lead accumulators is photovoltaic systems. “In the final draft, the new Directive brings some significant changes, in particular as regards the collection targets. In four years, in fact, in Italy we will have to collect 45% of the equipment placed on the market, a target that rises to 65% calculated over the previous three years or alternatively 85% of the total WEEE generated by Italian families. Furthermore, the legislation suggests more effective and simplified ways to allow the consumer to make use of the distribution structures in order to deliver the old small-sized equipment ".

Among the main changes introduced by Directive 2012/19 / EU:

  • the extension of the scope of the legislation, which immediately provides for the introduction of photovoltaic panels and subsequently the enlargement to all electrical and electronic equipment (open scope);
  • the expansion of annual collection targets;
  • The contrast to illegal exports of WEEE from the European Union;
  • the improvement of environmental performance of all operators involved in life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment;
  • the impetus for the design and production of AEE that will facilitate repair, updating, reuse and recycling;
  • the simplification of management procedures for producers and subjects in the supply chain.

“We hope that, starting from what has already been done today, these innovations will give a strong impetus to give a decisive change to the collection and recycling of technological waste in Italy. I believe that the new, important objectives are within the reach of our country but it will be necessary to work in synergy with all the main subjects of the WEEE supply chain”Added Bonato.

The European Directive is the subject of research by the Consortium "Evolution of flows and strategic structure of the national system”Which will be previewed at the conference in Symbola - Foundation for Italian qualities - next 2 October in Rome. In the national meeting attended by political decision makers and the protagonists of the WEEE supply chain, as well as representatives of the environmentalist world, the opportunities for developing the electrical and electronic waste management system will be presented and analyzed.

Among the leading companies in Italy, Remedia TSR, is the company of the Remedia Group, specialized in managing all the operations necessary for proper disposal: transport, treatment, recovery and environmentally compatible disposal of WEEE Professional Waste.

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