Like having a vegetable garden in the kitchen

Like having a vegetable garden in the kitchen

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A mini crop of sprouts in a recovered container

THE sprouts constitute an excellent food full of vitality and nutrients. However some seeds they are more interesting than others for nutritional value and the ease with which they sprout. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the seed, which is all the better the fresher the seeds are and come from organic crops.

The seeds of cereals used for the production of sprouts they must be integral and not pearled or polished. A diet that includes sprouts is especially recommended for women in pregnancy or in feeding time and ai children because it is rich in factors useful for growth, numerous vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes is proteins.

SeedMaceration timeGrowth days
Lentils12 h4 – 5
Soy12 - 15 h4 – 5
Chickpeas12 - 18 h3 – 5
Sunflower12 h2 – 3
Oats12 h7 – 9
Wheat12 h7 – 9
Barley10 - 12 h6 – 7

A vegetable garden of sprouts for domestic consumption (for example excellent salads) can be easily created at home by carrying out some simple operations and with the use of simple containers, for example glass jars for preserving.

  1. Wash thoroughly and clean the seeds from residues that can rot. Place a layer of seeds in a liter jar and cover it with fresh water so that the water is three times more abundant than the layer of seeds. Close the jar with gauze held in place by an elastic.
  2. Place the vase in the dark (in a cupboard covered with foil), preferably at a temperature around 20 ° C.
  3. The maceration time (see table) is on average about one night. It increases with the size of the seed.
  4. After maceration, remove the water and rinse the seeds thoroughly with just warm water, taking care to drain them well.
  5. Place the pot upside down on a plate and let the seeds germinate for a variable number of days (see table). During germination it is important to rinse the seeds daily with the help of a sieve.
  6. Before being eaten as a salad, the sprout can be left in the sunlight for a few hours to be loaded with chlorophyll.

Who doesn't have the time or patience to set up a real one vegetable garden of sprouts can leave i legumes soak in a basin of water for two days (instead of just the 2 hours required for them to soften), taking care to rinse them every day. THE slightly sprouted seeds they will be much softer and faster cooking and will have metabolized many nutrients. Many seeds treated in this way (including spelled is wheat) can be eaten raw, alone or mixed a salads.



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