At the Venice Film Festival, the Green Drop Award

At the Venice Film Festival, the Green Drop Award

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What can the 69th Venice Film Festival have in common, scheduled until 8 September, with the sustainability? Green Cross Italia and the Municipality of Venice have established the "Green Drop Award", A collateral prize that will be awarded on the occasion of the exhibition to the film, among the 18 in competition, which will best have interpreted the values ​​of ecology and Sustainable Development, with particular attention to the conservation of the planet and its ecosystems.

What will the "Green Drop Award”?
The prize will be a drop of water in blown glass, containing a sample of earth that will come from different countries each year. For this year's edition, the land belongs to Brazil. The choice for this country arose because of the United Nations Conference on Rio + 20 Sustainable Development held in Brazil.

The choice of using a drop of water filled with earth takes on a strong symbolic value as claimed by the promoters of the award: "The link between land and water and the connection with an ever-changing place in the world want to symbolize the fertile humus in which future generations will be able to reconcile development and ecology. The drop also symbolizes the strength of every little action, even the very powerful one of a film ".

The special award will be given on 7 September, the day before closing, by a jury chaired by director Ermanno Olmi, formerly the Golden Lion for Career in Venice in 2008. At his side there will be Ugo Gregoretti, Franco Iseppi, Anita Kravos and Caterina Dezuanni to complete the jury.

"The creation of this award - claims the Nobel Peace Prize - will help directors, screenwriters and actors to become ambassadors of a message of optimism for the future of all humanity". Already in the past the association Green Cross involved cinema in the cause of sustainability. For several years, in fact, its activists have been organizing, at the delivery of the Oscars, a fundraiser to raise awareness ofeco-sustainability.

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