Food eco-trays

Food eco-trays

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How many times have you taken away the restaurant leftovers to give to the dog? Why not take any leftovers from your meal home safely and hygienically and eat them later?

In America they have been doing it for years, it is the very famous doggy bag, a container made available by the restaurateur to be able to take away the portions of food or bottles of wine not consumed. Thefood waste is one of the most tangible signs of a lifestyle 'disposable'In which consumerism rages inexorably.

Is it possible to put an end to the bad habit of throwing all the leftover food on the tables of bars, restaurants and trattorias in the bin?
The good example comes from the Province of Rimini thanks to the all-Italian project "Eco-trays circuit", Promoted by the Province of Rimini, byAUSL and by trade associations in the restaurant and agritourism sector.

The aim is to activate a virtuous circle able to offer to consumers the possibility of taking home leftover food, and for restaurateurs to cut down the volumes of waste to be disposed of. It is a social, environmental and ethical initiative that finally resolutely opposes food waste even in catering.

The project, although in an experimental phase, already involves several rooms to which eco-trays have already been delivered, produced in material suitable for the transport of food, ecological, biodegradable and compostable.

How does it work?
The container is delivered to the customer by the waiter in order to take home what he has not completely consumed. There is already a variant also for celiacs. Inside the container there is a small manual for storing the food brought home.

Here are some rules:

  • The Eco-tray must be stored during transport in a cool and dry place.
  • The transport of the Eco-tray must not last longer than 1 hour.
  • The Eco-tray must not be opened until the time of consumption of the food.
  • The Eco-pan must not be placed in any type of oven or on a stove.
  • Food removed using the Eco-Tray must be consumed within 24 hours of delivery of the Eco-Tray after heating (excluding sweets and cheeses).
  • Foods removed using the Eco-Tray cannot be frozen.

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