Super fast charging batteries

Super fast charging batteries

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The turning point is inevitable, many do not like this truth but it is like this: the electric cars they are the next generation means of transportation and we have to get used to this idea. Among the various perplexities, the strongest concern theautonomy and the charging times of the battery. In this regard, the searches are numerous and among the latest we see a super-fast charging system for lithium ion batteries.

These particular batteries can be recharged up to 120 times faster than conventional batteries lithium ion batteries. With this in mind, the charging times of the electric vehicles would be drastically reduced. Researchers think they can use this technology to make batteries for electric cars able to fill up with electricity in less than a minute.

When equipping a vehicle with its battery, numerous parameters are taken into account such as charging times, efficiency and volume. It is well known that some batteries they are quite heavy and bulky. Usually, the larger the battery, the more powerful it is, it offers greater autonomy but requires longer charging times. This paradigm can be solved using batteries consisting of small individual cells.

We can imagine this technology as a set of blood vessels where the small cells are interconnected by carbonized graphite networks, thanks to the network the charging times undergo an acceleration ranging from 30 to 120 times higher than the timing of the current lithium-ion batteries.

Not only electric cars: batteries and super-fast charging systems also seem very attractive for electronics. In short, it wouldn't be bad to be able to recharge your notebook in the blink of an eye!

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