BioClean, the biogas vacuum cleaner

BioClean, the biogas vacuum cleaner

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Sweeping the floor with the broom very often is not decisive for cleaning in the most hidden corners! The alternative may bevacuum cleaner, but this results in a waste of electric energy. But is there a way to combine domestic technology with environmental protection? Now it's possible thanks to Bio Clean, the vacuum cleaner designed by designer Song Kyuho.

It is a robot vacuum cleaner which is able to work through biofuel obtained from food waste or from biodegradable waste products in any kitchen. This waste will then be transformed into biogas, a source of energy for its operation. The robot it is divided into two separate spaces: one for the storage of food waste useful for energy production, the other for the conservation of the collected dust.

No more hassle of the wire hanging around any vacuum cleaner! Its operation depends on self-produced electricity. With BioClean cleaning will be done in a proper way efficient without weighing on the cost of the electricity bill and without polluting. A positive and virtuous example that projects us to an alternative energy source, the Biogas, still poorly taken into account. An intelligent use of kitchen waste that would inevitably end up in landfills with the consequences we already know. Theirs disposal It is expensive! Millions of cubic meters of water and tons of carbon dioxide to transform i waste.

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