A-chair: a chair from the A series

A-chair it's all in one: handy, comfortable, elegant. A chair from Serie A, like the letter that draws if you look at it in profile: a mix of design and practicality for large spaces and large numbers, since it can be stacked easily and stored in a corner, remaining a beautiful object to look at. A-chair is the response of the German companyBrunner to furnish any type of area with a touch of practical refinement. Wide choice of accessories and materials: A-chair it is a modern and green object.

Despite the great technicality, A-chair it has such a simple style that it gives the space in which it is inserted a great sense of order and balance. The basic design of the chair is very simple and therefore brilliant: seen from the side, it corresponds to the capital letter A, a detail that also inspired the designers to give the product its name. Another important detail of the design are the slender legs: stacked they appear as if they were a single leg, a fluid shape that seems to be one.

To the chair A-chair, new entry in the numerous proposals of Brunner, the designers have assigned the task of furnishing areas of all kinds with elegance, thus creating tidy and uniform spaces but at the same time rich in multiple options. A-chair offers many possible combinations to meet the aesthetic requirements of the architecture through all the special functions: optional armrests, connecting elements, high flexibility for frame and shell materials and colors.

A-chair it is a project that elegantly integrates all the technical details and thus creates a strong image. According to its designer, Markus Jehs: A-chair transmits calm, a calm that nevertheless remains constant even if up to 100 are entered in a space. The chair does not distract attention from the architecture of the place in which it is inserted but becomes an excellent architectural tool that enhances the space and creates added value ".

At the base from the refined A-chair and its elegant appearance has been an arduous and complex development work. The integrated design of the chair is distinctive: even in the versions with armrests the project maintains its refined elegance and coherence. There is also a great idea behind the concept of the frame and the shell: in fact the die-cast aluminum frame can be combined with shells of different materials and in various colors.

The plastic version of A-chair instead it was developed in cooperation with BASF. One of the features that make this chair a winner is the combination of different types of materials to form a single piece that was consistent in its diversity. In order to combine the different customer requests and various levels of use, the Jehs + Laub study made the strength and flexibility interact with each other, as well as the hardness and smoothness of the various types of materials used: soft woods for the shell and sturdy plastics for the structure, all in an unusual mix that creates a sitting experience of extreme comfort.

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