Smartphones: three ideas to use them in an easier way

Smartphones: three ideas to use them in an easier way

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Here's how to avoid knots on headphone cables ...

The biggest problem of the smartphone, the only items that have been selling really well in the Italian TLC market since the beginning of the crisis, is that their potential is not fully exploited. This partly depends on the lack of simplicity of some devices and partly on the availability of so many functions that to use them all it would take, as well as a little more time, a little more convenience. Ideas are welcome then, in terms of functions and accessories, which simplify the use of smartphones for those who can't do without them.

Yes, because if we can't do without the smartphone, at least we try to ensure that its daily use is comfortable, simple and, possibly, trendy. Here then is from Kraun, the IT company that makes fashion, three useful ideas that translate them into three accessories suitable for devices of every model and brand.

The first is Kraun Mini Stand for Smartphone, a small metal stand, nice, sturdy and comfortable to carry, to hold your smartphone in the ideal position while watching movies, photos or documents, or simply to place it on the table. Kraun Mini Stand for Smartphone is available in black, pink and gold.

The second idea of ​​the Kraun catalog is Silicon Joint for Smartphone, a very practical silicone mat with suction cups on both sides, which allows you to attach your smartphone to your desk, car dashboard, glass wall, monitor and a large number of other surfaces. The Kraun Silicon Joint is also available in 3 colors; white, orange and pink.

The latest proposal in the series is Fish Cable Twister, a nice silicone "fish bone" around which it is possible to wrap the headphone cables in order to avoid the unpleasant knots that are almost always created. Ideal both for storing them when you are traveling, and for storing them neatly on your desk.

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