Samuele's house, really SaDiLegno

Samuele's house, really SaDiLegno

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Certified CasaClima B +, very low energy requirements, 4kWp photovoltaic roof, all made of wood and does not generate costs but an annual income of 1000 euros, saving the environment tons of CO2 that are not bequeathed to future generations: it is the Wooden House of Samuele Giacometti, a mechanical engineer who built one to live with his wife and three children and invented the SaDiLegno method for anyone who wants to imitate it.

1) A wooden house: how did the idea come about and when did you think it could become a reality?

I am a mechanical engineer, born in Fabriano (AN) 42 years ago, and I worked for 10 years in small and medium-sized enterprises developing and industrializing new products.

It was to develop a new product that a company from Forlì in 2005 proposed me to move from Bologna to Prato Carnico (UD) in Val Pesarina in the heart of Carnia.

Back then my family consisted of my wife Sarah and our eldest son Diego, then in 2006 Diana arrived and in 2010, after the construction of the house also Pablo.

We dated a local family who lived in one wooden house and one day, almost jokingly, I asked my wife: “why don't we build one too wooden house? " she looked at me questioningly, without yet being aware of it I had started what would become the project with a capital "P" of my professional life.

2) What does the “SaDILegno” method consist of?

SaDiLegno bring the woods into the house!

You can know thewood-plant before they are transformed intowood-house. In other words theSaDiLegno method traces a path from the wood to the house that can also be traveled from the house to the wood whenever desired.

TheSaDiLegno method allows the client to be aware and live with his own senses the transformation of wood from the forest to the home without it ever losing its nature with the addition of chemicals that have nothing to do with wood, "... a material that only God knows how! ". There can be no sense without the use of the senses.

Before designing the "Eco-sustainable wooden house"I asked myself this question:" What is wood for me? ". I found the answer by going around the Alpine valleys talking to elderly gentlemen and observing how wood was used in past centuries. Thanks to my pilgrimage, I began to understand what was hidden behind the answer. An extraordinary sensory experience that, in order to be lived, would have had to follow the indications of a rigorous method also capable of scientifically demonstrating the environmental, social and economic sustainability of what I was about to design, build, live and which I am now offering to the market.

3) What is different, particular, new compared to other methods?

It does not use clichés such as "0 km" but delimits a space within a circumference with a center in the woods of departure and radius = 12 km. Everything happens within what in theSaDiLegno method he's called "Sustainability Ring". It is in fact within that ring that all the craftsmen who worked and transformed the wood live and work. Furthermore, "Sa" also stands for Sarah and Samuele, "Di" for Diego and Diana, therefore a family that wants to live in wood knowing and knowing it. Pablo was born later and then he found his place in the brand SaDiLegno® which I remember being a registered trademark.

4) How long did it take you to build the house? Where did you start from?

From the idea to living in the house, two and a half years have passed and we started from 43wood-plants chosen on 17/12/2007 by dr. Verio Solari forestry in the woods of Val Pesarina. It should be noted, in this context, that cutting down a "mature" plant in a forest managed according to sustainability criteria (in this case PEFC certified) means renewing the forest in a natural way because the light is allowed to reach the young seedlings which, more oppressed by “mature” tears, they will be able to begin their race towards heaven.

5) How much did you spend? How large is it ? What advantages do you have in your wooden house today?

We spent 90 thousand euros to transform the wood from a plant into a house and furniture included. While to make the house livable about 1200 euros / sqm. Our house is 156 square meters large which spread over two floors.

In addition to being characterized by wood, our home has many other quality elements: the wood is SaDiLegno and is certified CasaClima B +, moreover it has a very low energy requirement, is equipped with a 4kWp photovoltaic roof and does not use petroleum derivatives: you can heat yourself with wood from the nearby woods. We have not only the advantage, which I recognize can be a subjective advantage, of living in contact with an extraordinary material, but also that of not questionable that living in such a house does not generate costs but an annual income of 1000 euros. In addition, there are also tons of CO2 that are not bequeathed to future generations precisely because the wood and those who transform it live in the immediate vicinity of the built house (source ENEA).

6) When and where is your method applicable?

In every alpine valley where there are woods that produce construction timber. The possibilities increase if you apply to obtain a design object, furniture, musical instruments, floors and wooden objects in general. A wooden house is also made of many other materials and that is why I always advise the potential client to ask himself the usual question "What is wood for me?" . From the answer given you can understand if it makes sense to apply the SaDiLegno method.

7) What reactions were there from acquaintances and relatives? What do your children say? And what do you like about your home?

Many dream of living in one log cabin lost in the mountains, I dreamed it, designed it, invested time and money in it, built it, I'm living it with my family and I'm trying to make known the method used to that part of the market that many call green economy. But I wonder where this green market is: why the certified SaDiLegno Method, award-winning and elevated as a model to be followed by important international organizations, does not find space there?

My children are not afraid of the wolf from the tale of the three little pigs, here is the result, while we enjoy the possibility of living in the wood as if it were still in the woods.

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