From the Lombardy Region a green Operational Program

Innovation and knowledge economy, energy, sustainable mobility, protection and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage. These are the intervention priorities identified by Lombardy region within the Regional Operational Plan (POR), the protocol prepared to implement Community cohesion policies through the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) aimed at competitiveness and employment.

They talked about it to Smau Milan Rosanna Miccichè, Rapporteur of the European Commission e Olivia Postorino, Managing Authority of the POR FESR 2007-2013 Lombardia, during the meeting entitled "Innovation and competitiveness in Lombardy: the Regional Operational Program” .

The meeting, moderated by the Radio 24 journalist Simone Spetia, made it possible to know the progress of the POR FESR 2007-2013 Lombardy, to better understand how the objectives pursued by the Program integrate with the regional development objectives and to discover the future perspectives concerning the 2014-2020 programming.

Within the POR FESR Lombardia, the strategic intervention priorities and objectives to be pursued in the 2007-2013 programming cycle and the initiatives to be supported to strengthen the competitiveness and dynamism of the regional economy and to increase social, economic and territorial cohesion are identified. Priorities that are divided into 4 axes:

Axis 1 - Innovation and knowledge economy. The purpose of Axis 1 is to consolidate the positioning of the Lombardy Region in terms of competitiveness and innovation compared to the most advanced European economies. To do this, it supports: investments in the field of innovative and technological research and development of Lombard companies, the collaborative and innovative growth of companies, the simplification of relations between companies, the knowledge system and the Public Administration and, finally, interventions ICT in areas affected by the digital divide.

Axis 2 - Energy. Axis 2 aims to support: the increase in energy production from renewable sources, the development of cogeneration, the reduction of energy consumption and the improvement of energy efficiency.

Axis 3 - Sustainable mobility. Axis 3 aims to: increase the sustainable mobility of people through modal integration and the diffusion of forms of transport with a reduced environmental impact, implement secondary infrastructure networks for efficient, flexible, safe and sustainable freight transport from an environmental point of view.

Axis 4 - Protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage. Axis 4 aims to enhance the cultural and environmental heritage, through redevelopment of areas of natural and cultural value, in order to promote their networking according to tourist usability. To these Axes is added a fifth, relating to technical assistance for the implementation of the program.

The address lines of the POR FESR 2007-2013 Lombardy are aimed at providing Lombardy with tools and interventions capable of responding to the challenges of the global market and developing the conditions to be able to confront international economies on this level. Furthermore, the Program is aimed at strengthening regional competitiveness in the framework of sustainable development, favoring interventions that are characterized by a strong focus on environmental issues and territorial cohesion.

The Program has a financial endowment of 532 million Euros, made up of regional, state and community resources. The data updated to September 30, 2012 show that the resources activated on all 4 Axes of the Program correspond to 504 million euros, therefore equal to approximately 98% of the ROP endowment. is media partner of Smau Milano 2012.

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