EBooks are taxed more than paper books

EBooks are taxed more than paper books

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It is right that a digital book more than one should be taxed paper book? Those who strive to encourage the dissemination of eBook does not have an easy life. The controversies surrounding the digital books there are really many. In the first instance, the question of environmental sustainability with the question "Do digital books pollute less than printed paper?", on the second appeal one stumbles upon bureaucratic issues: the services provided through the telematic network are subject to a specific VAT taxation and cannot be applied reduced rates.

The spread of digital books finds many obstacles. Since the beginning of the year, in France and Luxembourg, the ebook are marketed with aTax rate reduced. For the European Commission, the reduction must be abolished because it is incompatible with the current one VAT directive. The current directive states that i digital books are services provided for electronically and this type of service is not allowed to apply a reduced rate, so the ebook cannot be subjected to VAT concessions.

France and Luxembourg must apply the appropriate VAT taxation because the services sold for electronically they can be easily bought by consumers of other nationalities by creating one competition to the detriment of operators in the other 25 EU member states. The Commission has received complaints from several finance ministers who have pointed out the negative effect on book sales on their home markets.

There European Commission is aware of the difference in treatment between eBook and paper books. So i digital books need an ad hoc adjustment and Brussels promises a new VAT strategy. The promise sees a series of proposals that will be presented by the end of 2013. Until then there will be no tax cuts and France and Luxembourg will also have to adapt and eliminate the reduced rate.

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