Biodigester for organic waste disposal

Biodigester for organic waste disposal

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A recycling center capable of processing 100 tons of Organic waste to ensure a clean cut of the harmful emissions of 5,800 tons, the same produced by the circulation of 1,000 cars. There organic waste recycling plant guarantees a production of 2 million kilowatt hours electric energy and the natural gas equivalent of 3.8 million liters of diesel.

We are talking about the recycling station of Sacramento, California. The central uses a process of anaerobic digestion to transform food waste and other organic waste into clean energy. It is a real one biodigester which, since December, has been processing 25 tons of food waste but soon the biodigester will be expanded: by spring 2013 it will be able to process 100 tons of Organic waste.

The property is owned by the CleanWorld which will ensure the city of Sacramento a tax movement of over one million dollars a year. The biodigester will produce clean energy in the form of electricity e natural gas but also Organic products as fertilizers with very low environmental impact. With the power of 2 million kilowatt hours produced, it goes without saying that the biodigester is self-sufficient and also all the other ancillary structures of theplant, including vehicles, are powered by clean energy.

The biodigester of the CleanWorld company uses a technology known as "AD", literally "anaerobic digestion " which allows a big water saving and converts waste into energy by exploiting colonies of bacteria normally present in the conditions recreated by theplant. There AD technology was developed at Davis University, California.

It took the researchers a 10-year time frame for final tuning. The same technology was adopted by the company last May American River Packaging but we see that the size of his plant do not stand up to comparison with those of biodigester of Sacramento. Packaging America River's plant processes only 7.5 tons of Organic waste per day.

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