Bicycles for transporting children

Bicycles for transporting children

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There bicycle it is the cheapest and most ecological means of transport. The number of women moving to is ever increasing bike both for strolling and for carrying out the errands of daily life. The needs of women cyclists there aren't many, maybe a basket and a softer gel seat… but when we talk about moms on the pedals the speech changes. In this direction, accessories were born that allow the transport of children and even bicycles ad hoc. Let's see together what the market offers.


Bicycle for transporting children, the cult
The highlight comes from Japan, from Bridgestone. There electric bicycle equipped with two passenger seats designed to accommodate the little ones. The hyper-resistant frame can accommodate one adult and two children. In Japan, 300,000 pieces were sold in just a few months after launch. There bicycle it is marketed for 1,400 euros, has a range of 35 kilometers and like all pedal assisted bike does not require insurance or license plate. It can be purchased online by paying the import costs.

Bicycle for transporting children, car seat or trailer?
Why spend a fortune in one bicycle ad hoc when we can adapt ours to carry a precious load such as i children?! When you want to make a purchase like this, you must necessarily make sure that the product is safe and approved. Have your child wear a safety helmet and get ready to ride!


If you travel to the city, the booster seat it is certainly more practical and comfortable. The trailer would risk to tire you too much but it is essential for carry two children. The number of "mothers cycling " -as they like to call themselves cyclist moms here on the net - it is constantly increasing, so the market has well thought of proposing cushions to be mounted on the handlebars to ensure greater comfort for the little passenger. Between child seats for transporting children we report Kangaroo Carrier, certified in the United States as the safest in their category, they are also famous in our continent and are easily found in Italy.

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