How to print while saving paper

How to print while saving paper

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It's possible print out documents by reducing the number of pages and the amount of ink. The methods that allow us to print while saving paper and therefore also ink, are numerous. Today we see some of them.

How to print while saving paper, the possibilities

  • The first strategy that everyone can apply is to manually change the margins of the A4 sheet and reduce the size of the characters used; any images must also be reduced. With more suitable characters and increased margins, the number of sheets from print out will be drastically reduced!
  • The second strategy involves the use of a software specialized. The program is called Print Greener and is available for both Mac and Windows. Once the software is started, it will automatically identify the pages that have the classic “from wasteful ".
    The software optimizes the number of pages even if you are printing from the internet. The application will show you the number of trees you have saved as well as monetizing the amount of saved paper. The software in question is not freeware, it costs about 10 euros and with the addition of one euro the manufacturer will plant a tree and baptize it with your name!
  • The third option that we propose involves the use of a format offered by the WWF. This is a completely free solution developed by the German WWF group with the aim of save paper about printing documents. The software is free to download and is available for Mac and Windows.
    The program will be installed as a virtual printer and, at the time of printing, the document will be optimized according to some fees. The software allows you to save files in various formats, including pdf, so as to send documents already in an optimized version. The program can be downloaded from the official portal set up by WWF Germany.

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