EBike, the scooter of the 21st century

How many of you, as young people, ran around on board a scooter?
The older ones will remember the old Piaggio Si 50, then the Free and Libery arrived from Piaggio while Aprilia offered the first Scarabeo…. It can be said that the scooter 50 with a combustion engine it was the most popular means of transport of the twentieth century. In the 21st century, the cult vehicle is the electric bicycle. L'ebike it is no longer a simple vehicle but an authentic trend, the market always offers new models and designers do not spare themselves the most disparate proposals.

Of ebike we have seen all the colors, from the hugely popular Smart electric bike to the more futuristic nCycle. There electric bicycle is the vehicle hybrid simpler, it combines the thrust of the legs with the traction of the electric motor. Who is not yet ready to switch from scooter to electric bicycle, can undoubtedly appreciate a "moped" rather modern. It was presented by British designer Philip Crewe, theebike in question has a three-dimensional, functional and aesthetically pleasing structure. The look seems to be the link between scooter is electric bikes.

When designing a electric bicycle, the first dilemmas arise about the positioning of the engine and dellbattery powered. In theebike by Philip Crewe the 48v and 20 Ah battery is hidden in a cage formed by the double frame, as well as the motor, protected by a breathable and waterproof fabric, able to keep them safe from the elements.

There electric bicycle was built to offer a comfortable driving experience and the appearance offers a feeling of stability: the electric bicycle looks really sturdy! L'ebike it has been finished with wooden structures that make it genuine and handcrafted.

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