Kick a ball and generate energy

Kick a ball and generate energy

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Is called Soccket and it is a ball that generates electricity when it comes kicked. The first prototypes of Soccket are already on the market through a fundraising campaign launched on Kickstarter. The Soccket balloon it could be a real resource for the poorest populations who do not have access to eletricity grid.

If a soccer ball can make a child's life happier, the balloon Soccket it does something more: it provides electricity ready for use. L'electricity it can be converted into lighting so as to bring some light to remote locations, even during the night.

It was developed by Uncharted Play, Inc. which will offer the first models of Soccket priced at $ 99. If the campaign launched by Uncharted Play Inc is successful, the balloon will be delivered in August.


Soccket has all the appearance of a soccer ball but it is equipped with a system capable of transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy. Inside the balloon there is a pendulum which, connected to a battery, recharges it. With just 30 minutes of game, a child will be able to feed one LED lamp for over three hours. The Soccket soccer ball is water resistant, soft and designed and manufactured in the United States.


The Soccket balloon is the protagonist of a campaign by energy education. The manufacturing company, cooperating with school teachers, is using soccket to raise awareness among children about energy issues and poverty. The company has spent more than a year producing the first prototypes and is awarding some balloons to families living without electricity. There are 7,500 poor families who will benefit from Soccket, the balloon has a life cycle of three years and the materials that make it up are 95% recyclable.

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